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Alcohol Free Housing

What does alcohol-free housing entail?

Alcohol-free housing prohibits the use alcohol in the chapter facility, regardless of age. Chapter members and their guests are also not permitted to enter the chapter house/ facility with alcohol and/or drugs.

What is the actual policy?

“All chapter facilities and properties in Phi Delta Theta shall be alcohol-free at all times and under all circumstances. The implementation of these procedures is a continuation of the ongoing educational efforts of the General Fraternity.”

Why is the Fraternity moving to alcohol-free housing?

To renew the values of Phi Delta Theta. We are going alcohol-free because alcohol is not the only aspect Phi Delta Theta has to offer an individual, and this is largely what Greeks are known for now. We also believe that there is a misconception about the Greek system today, and someone has to be the leader in changing this image. We believe that eventually almost the entire Greek community will become alcohol free. Furthermore, we want to provide a better facility for our members and a more conducive area for scholarship enrichment. Finally, there are liability issues that all Greeks are facing, including insurance availability and rates.

What happens if someone is caught with alcohol?

Each infringement will be handled on a case by case basis. The seriousness of the infraction will be in proportion to the seriousness of the penalty. If that person continues to cause problems, then we will take more serious action.

How does the chapter feel about this alcohol-free policy?

The chapter is comfortable about moving towards an alcohol-free environment. We were concerned at first, but we realize the benefits of becoming alcohol-free. Our biggest concern was going to be recruitment, but we realized that we had more to offer a potential member than just being able to have alcohol in the house.
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