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Famous Phis aka Phamous Phis

Alumni of Phi Delta Theta have distinguished themselves in virtually every field and endeavor. Nearly 800 Phis were recorded in a recent edition of Who's Who in America, more than any other fraternity. More than 20 Phis have earned Gold Medals at the Olympics. More than 100 Phis have served in the U.S. federal government, and more than 200 Phis have played in the NFL.

Famous Phis from NY Beta at Union College

    Name (Graduation Year) - Field of Work
  • Robert Patterson (1912) Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Military: Dis. Service Cross
  • Daniel P. Loomis (1925) Business: Presidents
  • Thomas H. A. Lewis (1926) Military: "Fighting Phis"
  • Herman A. Haus (1949) Education-Scholars

Prominent Phis: Famous Members of Phi Delta Theta [Visit Website]

Since it's founding in 1848, Phi Delta Theta has produced within its ranks some of the most influential and memorable men in history. Prominent Phis pays tribute to over 950 Prominent Phis who have achieved remarkable distinction in their respective field or have greatly contributed to society.

Famous Phis: Just to name a few...

William W. Allen
Oklahoma State '56
CEO Phillips Petroleum

J. Willard Marriott

Utah '25
Founder of Marriott Hotels

James A. Baker
Texas '57
Secretary of State and Chief of Staff under President Bush.

Billy Payne
Georgia '69
President, '96 Olympic Committee

Lou Gehrig
Columbia '25
Legendary first baseman for the New York Yankees.

Gary Bender
Wichita '62
Sportscaster for CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting.

Dirk Benedict
Whitman '67
Actor, Director, Writer.

Rich Brooks
Oregon State '63
Football Coach, Oregon

Bill Bixby
California '56
Television actor.

Neil Armstrong
Purdue '55
Astronaut and commander of Apollo XI, the first lunar landing, and first man on the moon.

Tim Conway

Bowling Green '56
Television and film actor and comedian.

Robert Wise
Franklin '36
Academy Award-winning director, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Roger Ebert
Illinois '64
Film critic and columnist for the Chicago Tribune. Co-host of the TV show Siskel & Ebert.

Jon McBride
West Virginia '64
Pilot of the Columbia space shuttle flight.

Weeb Ewbank
Miami University '28
NFL head coach of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Colts and the Superbowl Champion New York Jets.

George M. C. Fisher
Illinois '62
CEO, Eastman Kodak.

Tom Harmon
Michigan '41
1940 Heisman-winner, sports announcer.

Joel Hefley
Oklahoma State '59
U.S. Representative from Colorado's 5th District.

Benjamin Harrison
Miami University 1853
23rd president of the United States.

Henry "Hank" Ketcham
Washington (Seattle) '41
Creator of the popular cartoon "Dennis the Menace.""Hank Ketchum,

F. Story Musgrave
Syracuse '58
Astronaut mission specialist on the space shuttle, Challenger.

Dabney Coleman
Texas '53
Television and film actor.

Sam Nunn
Georgia Tech '60
Former U.S. Senator from Georgia.

Ron Cey
Washington State '70
Star third baseman for the 1981 World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers.

Raymond L. Hunt
Southern Methodist '65
President of Hunt Oil.

Burt Reynolds
Florida Sate '57
Film and television actor and director. Winner of an Emmy Award for acting.

Gen. Charles A. Horner
Iowa '56
Commander of the Allied Air Forces in the Persian Gulf War, commander of NORAD, the U.S. Space Command, and the Air Force Space Command.

Bob Schieffer
Texas Christian '59
Anchor for CBS News and host of CBS' Face the Nation.

Doak Walker
Southern Methodist '50
NFL Hall of Fame.

John Smale
Miami '49
Former chairman of Procter & Gamble. Chairman of General Motors.

William Weiss
Pennsylvania State '51
CEO Ameritech Corp.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Wisconsin 1889
World famous architect.

Adlai E. Stevenson
Centre 1860
Vice President of
the United States, 1893-97.

Bennett Johnston Jr.
Wasington & Lee '54
U.S. Senator from Louisiana.

Dennis W. DeConcini
Arizona '59
U.S. Senator from Arizona.

Wyche Fowler
Davidson '62
U.S. Senator from Georgia.

Jim Ramstad
Minnesota '68
U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 3rd District.

Roger B. Smith
Michigan '47
Former chairman of General Motors.

Detlef Schrempf
Washington (Seattle) '84
All-pro NBA forward for the Indiana Pacers, winner of the NBA Sixth Man Award.

William Styron
Duke '47 Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, Author of Sophie's Choice.

Grantland Rice
Vanderbilt '01
Famous sports writer, selected first member of the Sportswriters and Sportscasters Hall of Fame.

Bill Toomey
Colorado '61
U.S. decathalete who won the Gold Medal in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

Donald G. Prigmore
Kansas State '55
President of GTE Sprint.

C.J. Silas
Georgia Tech '53
CEO, Phillips Petroleum.

Robert Allen
Wabash '57
Former Chairman, AT&T.

Jason McManus
Davidson '56
Editor-in-Chief of Time Magazine.

John McLamore
Cornell '42
Founder, Burger King.

William Randolph Hearst Jr.

California '29
Editor in chief of hearst Newspapers. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for journalism.

Barber Conable Jr.

Cornell '43
President of World Bank.

Phil Walden
Mercer '62
President, Capricorn Records.

Ron Woodard
Puget Sound '65
President of Boeing Commercial.

Jim Slattery
Washburn '70
Former U.S. Representative from Kansas' 2nd District.

Jerry Best
Michigan State '59
President of Omni Hotels.

George Busbee
Georgia '50
Former Georgia Governor.

James Daughdrill
Davidson '56
President Rhodes College.

Cliff Dochterman
Ohio Wesleyan '47
Past Presiden of the Rotary Club.

Terry Dornbush
Vanderbilt '55
U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands.

John Treyor Eton
Toronto '56
Canadian Senator.

Thomas Frist
Vanderbilt '60
Hospital Co. of America.

Booth Gardner
Washington '58
Former Washington Governor.

Jack Ham
Penn State '71
NFL Hall of Fame.

Wayland Holyfield
Arkansas '64

Carl James
Duke '51
Big 8 Conference Commissioner.

F Ross Johnson
Manitoba '52
Former CEO RJR Reynolds.

Charles Knapp
Iowa State '68
President University of Georgia.

JIm Otto
Miami (Florida) '60)
NFL Hall of Fame.

Reynolds Price
Duke '55

Steve Tasker
Northwestern '84
NFL All-Pro.

Jim Wacker
Valparaiso '59
Coach for U of Minnesota.

William A White
Kansas 1890
Author and Essayist.

Ralph Wilson
Virginia '40
Owner, Buffalo Bills.

William Winter
Mississippi '44
Former Mississippi Governor

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